How to Choose the Best Hair-Dryer for Your Hair Type

Given the wide variation of model and functions of the best hair dryers, know some of the most important aspects to consider before buying the ideal hair dryer:

Weight and size

The average ideal weight is 300 to 800 grams (1-2 pounds). If the use of the instrument is continuous (greater than 30 minutes), it is recommended that it weighs less than 500 grams (1 pound), so as not to overload the muscles and tire the arm. It is worth stressing that the lighter, easier its manipulation, resulting in a more pleasant use.


The higher the power, the more hot air is blown out by the dryer, resulting in faster drying and easier modeling of curly and wavy hair due to high temperatures. To ensure a home-worthy salon brush, it is recommended that the power be greater than 1,600w. Above 1,900w, the dryer can be considered ideal for professional use.

If you have thin, smooth and short brunette hairstyles for women, this is the ideal power for your hair dryer. For those who have hair in medium lengths or bulky threads, a dryer with the power of 2,000 to 2,100w is more advisable. For those who have very long, thick and bulky yarns, a 2,400w dryer may be the ideal option to ensure effective drying.


Available in two voltages (110v or 220v), or in some countries a version that accepts both voltages, which is more suitable for a frequent travel routine, since some states in the country use 110v, while others use 220v.

Power Consumption

A small hair dryer consumes an average 3.60 kW / h per month, so when purchasing your product, give preference to appliances in category A, guaranteeing savings in the account of light at the end of the month, especially if the user has opted for pixie haircuts for women.


Because it is an instrument of continuous use, if possible, choose the extended warranty at the time of purchase. In this way, if there is a defect or breakage, the warranty will provide for the repair or even the replacement of the dryer.


There are options in the market with ergonomic cable, facilitating the fitting of the hands and ensuring an easier and correct handling of the instrument. Take the test before purchase and check for any difficulty in handling it. Learn more.

Ion, tourmaline and ceramics: which one to choose?

Models with negative ions help close the cuticles of the hair, leaving the frizz controlled, speeding the drying time and helping to brighten the hair. On the other hand, models with positive ions open the cuticles of the hair, preparing the hair to receive chemical treatments such as staining, keratinization or hydration, making the best hair dryers even more complete.

There are also dryers with tourmaline – a powder of the gemstone of the same name, added to the product – which release negative ions, leaving the hair brighter and silky. Finally, ceramic dryers have the nozzle coated with this material, distributing the heat more evenly, minimizing damage to the hair and drying the hair naturally, keeping hair hydrated and healthier.

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Brunette Hair Color Ideas

 Many women still prefer to maintain the natural color of their hair and dark brown is one of the most prevalent among women. The tonality highlights the genuine beauty of each of different shapes as it matches with all skin tones. So, we will give you tips on brunette hairstyles for women, what are the best tricks to highlight it and cuts that are making success among brunettes. Check out!


It is not because your hair is natural that you should neglect the color. Brightness and softness depend on daily care to emerge. So, do not forget to use the products that preserve the beauty of the tresses in the day to day, avoiding the oxidation of the color.

Therefore, it is important to invest in good products that protect against external aggressions, preferably those that contain sunscreen against UV rays. It is also good to use these products when searching for Brunette Hair Color Ideas.  Also, always wear heat shields before the heat tools, preventing the locks from becoming dry and opaque. Another tip is to alternate your day-to-day cosmetics line with one that activates and treats color.


Even those who love keeping the dark color in their hair can vary and brighten up the look with small strands of one to two shades lighter than the original. This guarantees a modern look and rejuvenates the appearance of the hair. One of the most successful techniques at the moment is the tiger eye, which mixes shades of gold, brown and bronze to ensure the effect of naturally sun-kissed tresses.


Dark hair can also be valued with cuts, especially the medium sized ones. Variations of the traditional long bob, such as the a-line and trapeze, are ideal for those who want to change the look of the locks without betting on chemistry. Another option is the blunt cut, Kim Kardashian’s choice, which keeps the base straight and brings a more striking look. This is awesome to mix with modern Brunette Hair Color Ideas.


Besides the cut and the color, the finalization of your brown hair also counts a lot for the highlight in the look. The messy look is ideal for disconnected models and strands with wicks, as it highlights the color and irregular base. For those who bet on a global color and a straighter base, you can choose the polished style. And to bring modernity and glamor to both, invest in wet hair!

Already who likes hairstyles can choose the braids to change the look. The fishbone, for example, has been quite successful by the visual effect it brings. But if you want a simpler one to use on a day-to-day basis, invest in a ponytail or coke with a few loose strands, which play the role of giving a yawn to the hair.

One last important tip

But that does not mean you need to let go of the hair care, okay? It is important to keep hydration, nutrition and reconstruction up to date. And if you’re one of those who is crazy to change the look but does not abandon the blonde at all, it’s worth to bet on a few discrete strands to illuminate the result – And if you’re lacking inspiration on pixie haircuts for women, take a look at those powerful brown hair and run try them!

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What It Means to Have a Pixi Cut When You’re Not Famous

Pixi haircuts for women are something that is getting popular these days. However, this doesn’t mean that this is something that you should try. There are some women that are made for Pixi haircuts, while there are women that should rather keep their hair long. If you aren’t famous, people might have the wrong reason why you have cut your hair. Here is some information that you need to know what your Pixi haircut might mean to other people.

What is a Pixi haircut?

For those that don’t know what a Pixi haircut for women looks like: This is basically a very short hairstyle. You can almost say that the haircut is going to be similar to a men’s short haircut.

We don’t talk here about shoulder length or a short hairstyle. We are talking about really short. Shorter than what most men will cut their hair.

Is it something that you can try, even if you aren’t famous

Most of the women celebrities are considering the Pixi haircut for women. This is now the modern and “in” hairstyle that everyone should have.

It might be an easy and fast hairstyle to maintain, but not everyone can look at a Pixi cut. You should talk to your hairdresser and ask her if this is something that will suit you. If the hairdresser says no, then it is better to rather leave the hairstyle as it is. Short hair isn’t for everyone and a Pixi haircut will not suit just any woman. Even, if this is the celebrities that are cutting their hair really short.

What other people are saying of woman with this type of hairstyle

We all know that people are judgemental and if you don’t want people to talk to you behind your back, then you should rather choose another hairstyle. This is because there are many gossips about Pixi haircuts for a woman if you aren’t famous.

They are saying that you try to match the look of a famous person. Or, that you even are a lesbian. This might sound harsh, but this is facts that you should consider before you are choosing the hairstyle that is going to be best for you. Check here.

Things to consider when you want to try the Pixi haircut

There are a couple of things that you should consider when you are considering the Pixi haircut. The first thing is that you need to know that this isn’t really a haircut that will suit everyone. And, if you are regretting the short hairstyle, you need to remember that your hair is really short right now and it is going to take a while for it to regrowth.

There are many things that are going around about the Pixi for woman hairstyle.  It might look great on the celebrities, but this doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. You need to make double sure that this is something that you can live with for a couple of months. And, many people might think that you are weird, while other people might think that you are brave and strong to do the Pixi haircut for woman short hairstyles.

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Who Gives the Best Hair Dryer Review?

hair blow

Have you thought about which the best hair dryers are? That’s really difficult to say because you have a lot of great hair dryers out there and choosing the best is tough. However, there are some hair dryers and brands which stand out more so than others—and for good reason—and those are the ones which are ideal. Having the best hair dryers can always make styling and drying your hair far easier. So, what’s the best hair dryer?

Have You Thought About Tresemme?

Tresemme is a big name in the cosmetic and hair world and their hair dryers are actually among the best out there. A lot of people might not have thought so much about these hair dryers and yet they are some of the very best. You can get a simpler way to dry your hair and surprisingly the costs aren’t too high either. This is a great combination and it’s going to make a real difference when it comes to getting the best for your hair. The best hair dryers don’t necessarily have to cost thousands and these dryers don’t! That’s great and you will see they help your hair rather than hinder it.


Babyliss is a big brand and, again, it’s one which can offer amazing hair dryers. You want the best hair dryers; you might want to look at which ones there are. You really have a lot of great models here and it’s going to be one you love. These dryers don’t cost a fortune and you can absolutely find they offer a simpler way to dry and style the hair. Each hair dryer can offer a variety of settings and programs which again can be ideal. read her latest blog post for more tips.

Non-Branded Models Can Be Good Too

hair blowWhile a lot of people think the best hair dryers have to be one which is really expensive and well known that doesn’t have to be true! There is lots of amazing hair dryers out there and many great ones are from names you might not have heard of. That’s amazing because it usually means the prices are fairly decent too. The name of the hair dryer shouldn’t matter but rather its quality. Quality is what you absolutely have to keep a close eye over as it makes a real difference later on. This is what will make the best hair dryers and set them apart from the crowd. Always look at quality. get full details at

Buy the Best Hair Dryers

The hair dryer you choose will make all the difference today. If you manage to buy one which doesn’t quite match up to your expectations then it’s more likely going to find its way to the rubbish pile. That isn’t what you need or want and it’s not ideal either. It’s time to look into buying a hair dryer which works for you in every possible way and it’s something which will make a real difference too. Buy the best hair dryers and get the quality you need and want today.

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How to Determine the Best Hair Dryer for You


Which are the best hair dryers? Women everywhere and even some men often struggle to know which hair dryers offer the best value for money. There are quite a few types of hair dryers available today and while some are fantastic, some are not really great. Determining the right one for you can often be something which most struggles with but it’s a lot easier if you think about it. Read on to find the best hair dryer for you today.

Costs, Quality, and Value for Money

First of all, you have to think about the overall cost for the hair dryer as well as the quality it provides and whether or not there’s value for money. Now, that might not seem very important to some but it really will make all the difference to you later. If the hair dryer is very expensive, but it doesn’t actually offer value for money, then it’s actually a waste of money. You want to ensure the costs reflects the quality whether that’s the programs the hair dryer has or something else. Brunette hairstyles for women can be complimented with the right appliances and the right dryer will count.

The Size of the Hair Dryer

Next, you have to think about the overall size of the hair dryer. For most, size doesn’t matter but it can actually play an important role for a number of reasons. for starters, if you are travelling a lot and need to take the hair dryer with you then it’s important the hair dryer is more portable than not. That might mean it’s easier to choose a hair dryer smaller than the average dryer. However, is that going to be able to give enough power for at home use? Again, this is something you have to think about when searching for the best hair dryers. Size will matter. view reviews at

Big Brands Can Make a Difference


You want to find the very best hair dryer and sometimes it will matter which brand you choose. Sometimes brands and names don’t matter but sometimes they do and with hair dryers they can make a difference. If you want to choose a great hair dryer you might want to think about the brand you are choosing. Does the brand have a good reputation for the hair dryer appliances? Brunette hairstyles for women can be great and can be complete with the right hair dryer. Think about the brand in order to find the very best hair dryer for you today.

Think Carefully

Hair dryers can be great but, if you buy the wrong one, it’ll be a disaster for your hair! A lot of women and men don’t think about that when it comes to choosing a new hair dryer and yet it’s very important. The right hair dryer can make drying and styling your hair far easier than ever before. It’s something you need to think about when it comes to determining the very best hair dryer. The best hair dryers can make styling your hair a piece of cake.

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Guide To Choose the Best Hair Dryer

hair dryers

Buying the best hair dryers make a difference. When you have the best hair dryer you can absolutely get the right tool but for some, they don’t buy the right hair dryer. It’s unfortunate because it’s a lot of money to spend if the wrong one is purchased. Far too many people run into this problem and it’s something which is really hard to fix, especially when you’ve invested so much into one appliance already. However, there are many simple things to consider when it comes to buying a hair dryer that makes it easier to choose. Read on to find a brief guide in choosing the best hair dryer for you.

Think About the Quality or Power of the Hair Dryer

Does the hair dryer have sufficient power? You absolutely want to ensure there’s quality with the hair dryer and that it can actually dry your hair quickly and without burning it either. There needs to be a fairly decent power setting so that you can dry your hair with minimal fuss or attention. This is really quite important so you have to think about the quality side of drying your hair. It’s not something most people think of so it’s wise to take some time to think about the power side of things. The best hair dryers need to be able to offer decent power and quality. It’ll make a real difference.

Consider the Costs and whether there’s Value for Money

The hair dryer you choose absolutely must be able to offer good value for money otherwise it’s not really worth it. Yes, you might think the price tag is fairly decent but if it doesn’t offer value for money how can it really be worth what you’re paying? You have to think about that as well as how much you’re happy to pay. If you feel a hair dryer is really a little expensive then it’s worth searching elsewhere for the dryer. The best hair dryers should be cost effective and value for money. These are things which must be in your mind when choosing a new hair dryer.

Name Isn’t Always Important – Durability Is

Do you want a great hair dryer that lasts a month? There’s really no use having a hair dryer that lasts a matter of weeks before breaking as it means you’re constantly buying new appliances every so often. It’s a waste and very costly too. You want to find the best hair dryers but also want to ensure the dryers work for your needs. It’s wise to think a moment out to look at the durability of the dryer and whether or not it’s long-lasting.

hair dryers

Find the Best

Hair dryers come thick and fast as there are so many of them out there. It’s a lot easier to buy a hair dryer than you think but buying the very best is a different story. However, if you don’t buy the best or one of the top hair dryers, it’s a waste and it’s not ideal to say the least. That’s why you have to take a little time to look at the type of hair dryers available and the ones which are going to work for you too. The best hair dryers will be a useful and very used tool rather than one sitting in a drawer for months on end. need more? go to,44451

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